February 4th 2019

Fortnite Dancing To Its Own Beat

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4 Feb

Videogame setting new records

With the numbers ​​that Fortnite presents, it is hard to believe that the game is only one year old. The title is one of the most popular of today's video games and draws attention not only for the ability to keep players active for hours but also for its social power. In the following article, we will explain what we see as some of the reasons for such success.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it revolves around a map that over time is continuously reduced (20/25 minutes on average each game), where there are 100 players who battle against each other with a huge amount of weapons and/or traps. The last player standing receives the coveted Victory Royale.

At first, it seems to be a basic game, so how does a simple game make so much success?

There are several things that have contributed to their current success. One of the key points to this success is the accessibility of the game.

Fortnite presents itself in a multiplatform format. This means that there are no barriers for friends to play with each other if they do not have the same platform. Epic Games has released the game for PC, Xbox, Playstations and mobile devices. This means that anyone who has a PS4 can play at home with someone who is playing through a mobile phone outside the home. So, friends are always in touch whether they are in or out of the house.

Another key factor for this success is the price of the game.

The biggest barrier for a person to play a game is usually the price. As for Fortnite, there is no such problem. The game is totally free, just download and start playing with friends or other players for free. But if it's free, how does the game generate millions? Continue with us on this trip as we will explain everything further.

Another factor that allows Fortnite to stand out is its constant updating.

Epic Games refuses to accept Fortnite as a finished product. There isn't a week without a small update or patch advertised on the site itself. The same is in constant update and as a way to receive feedback from its customers, Epic Games prioritized the construction of communities and established a forum for players, a strategy that the company continued to follow. According to Spalinski, Leading Level Designer at Epic Games, this one states that "We have an analytical system, we watch streamers, we are active participants in forums and we collect feedback via Reddit", in an interview with Kotaku.

Another competitive advantage over Epic Games is its modern tone, current and always attentive to trends. Popular memes, 'dab' or Salt Bae were trends that did not escape the game, being possible to replicate them in the game.

To summarize, the main benefits are:

  • Acessability - Users across different platforms can play each other;
  • Price - the game can be downloaded for free!;
  • Dynamic - The game is constantly being updated;
  • Tone - The is perfectly aligned with Pop culture and current events
  • Fortnite is currently the most popular game on the Youtube platform and at Twitch.

    According to Sullygnome, a statistic tool, Fortnite is currently dominating the competition on Twitch, a popular live streaming platform between gamers and streamers, where it has been the most transmitted game ever to topple even League of Legends (its direct competitor). It was only in June 2018 at Twitch, according to market research firm Newzoo, that there were 125 million hours of watched matches, which left well behind its competitor with almost 88 million hours of professional and amateur matches together. But then how does an unknown game in such a short time generate so many views? Epic Games was already reaching popular streamers and implementing advertising campaigns with them, as stated by Head of Publishing Ed Zobrist in his presentation at GDC. In addition, there was exclusive cooperation with Twitch. Amazon Prime users who watched a Fortnite stream received an exclusive server connected the Fortnite profile to the Twitch account. A marketing move that has generated good results.

    With the success that Fortnite has had, there are several celebrities who have decided to take advantage of this hype to stand out and consequently help the game to be better known. The biggest event was at the junction of an American gamer Tyler Blevins (known as "Ninja"), famous for the broadcasts he makes of himself playing on platforms like Youtube and Twitch. He was joined by rappers Drake and Travis Scott. With this luxury cast, it was thus beaten the record in the Twitch, becoming the one of the most simultaneous public for a game outside of championship. There were 635k spectators, dislodging the audience of 338k from the previous record holder.

    Following this success the following week, the search volume for the keyword Fortnite doubled according to Google Trends, thus showing the power that influencers can have with a brand. It's a win-win relationship.

    With all this success, the theme around Fortnite turned out to be one of the trends of 2018 attracting millions of views. Although it is a simple game, it is possible to notice that the title of the same entered into genera outside the gaming environment, such as blogs. Thus, the game was able to attract both players and non-players.

    One theme that was fashionable for Fortnite was the 'Fortnite dance'. It has generated millions of views. This challenge generated 629 million views on YouTube in about 33,000 videos and 8 million Facebook views from 222 submissions. The Fortnite dance challenge generated huge proportions, reaching professional players who celebrated their achievements with the famous dance without the company having to pay for it.

    Now, responding to the question initially posed, if and how is the game for free how do you make so much money?

    On August 2018, Fortnite had become the highest grossing video game on consoles, according to a study conducted by SuperData. However, while most console releases make money from selling a hard copy or digital version of the game itself, Fortnite's revenue comes entirely from microtransactions.

    So the game itself is free, but inside the game, there are purchases that can be made to customize and enhance your character. These purchases are made with V-bucks, game money. It was only in May 2018 that these purchases generated revenues of $ 318 million according to SuperData Research. Since then, Fortnite has raised more than $ 1.2 billion in revenue, all from shopping for items such as clothing and dance moves.

    Brands and the game

    Consumers and Media are currently connected. So the media has an obligation to follow the evolution and be creative to stand out in a competitive market.

    Fortnite has opened doors for brands that want to be in front of millions of viewers through influencers. The Twitch platform allows a subscription service where users can pay for premium content, and Fortnite is the most popular game among premium subscribers. Returning to the Fortnite player "Ninja", he says, it broadcasts its game feed through Twitch, bringing $ 500,000 per month just for live streaming on the site. According to Forbes, brands can take advantage of Twitch's Boom and advertise in a number of ways, including banners, ads or short videos.

    Companies that are more likely to integrate well with a giant like Fortnite include those that already attract players. There are products that are successfully targeted at gamers like brands of energy drinks and snacks. The success of a product really depends on the match with the game and how it is played.

    We can then conclude that there were various marketing strategies used by Epic Games. From traditional marketing to relational marketing to disruptive marketing. These were the factors that made the Fortnite so well known. In addition to the game itself, the whole strategy behind the game was thought and executed in the right way, making the game become the game of the moment.

    January 15th 2019

    Mastercard doesn't want to rely on its name alone

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    15 Jan

    Mastercard's new logo

    Mastercard took a bold step in Branding by removing their logo name in a move that is inspired by the rise of digital banking and a future in which there will be less reliance on card payments.

    Mastercard has decided to redesign their logo, removing the name "MasterCard" from what we become accustomed to see has its traditional logo. The “traditional” logo counted for more than 50 years, however, the company went through 20 months of research in several countries to ensure that its two-circle logo, red and yellow interlaced, “were familiar enough for customers to associate without it being "said Raja Rajamannar, director of marketing and communications at the Wall Street Journal. By removing the name of the new identity, the company believes, circles gain greater expression on smartphone screens, for example.

    Therefore, MasterCard places itself at the same level of branding without words as Nike or Apple.

    Rajamannar acknowledges that it is a risky move, however, he says, "Re-invention in the digital age requires modern simplicity and with more than 80% of people spontaneously recognizing the Mastercard symbol without the word 'MasterCard', we feel ready to give the next step in the evolution of our brand ".

    "We need to have a truly global approach," said Mastercard's chief marketing and communication officer. "Customers need continuity and at the same time, we need to have something that does not go away and has a functional benefit."

    This change in the identity of Mastercard occurs at a time when the company aims to position itself beyond a credit card company, but as a technology, betting on payment technologies aimed at the digital universe. Nowadays the use of mobile payments is on the rise. According to eMarketer and Accenture research 25% of smartphone users were expected to use mobile payments for point-of-sale transactions in 2018, a 14.5% increase from 2017. About 23% of consumers said they would give up their mobile banking app for an all-in-one digital wallet out of convenience, and that is why Mastercard is working to grow its brand image beyond credit cards. In our opinion, a great branding strategy.

    Mastercard is also tapping into consumers' growing use of symbols, emoji and other imagery in their everyday communication. This strategy could help Mastercard connect with younger consumers, who frequently use digital platforms, emoji and GIFs to communicate with friends, family and recently businesses.

    A well-defined branding strategy approach can define the future of your company, as is the case with Mastercard. The same took the name thinking well in the direction that the company wants to go. We still have to wait in order to assess if this was a fruitful move or not. MasterCard showcases its intent in staying updated with its surroundings but also consumers behaviours. The alternative to this move would be to simply “rely on” a logo that has been serving this well-established global brand for over 50 years.

    Away from having a good looking, attractive brand, that sells well to your customers, there are a whole of other advantages to branding your business properly.

    Whether you are seeking to create a new brand identity or refresh your brands look, we can help you achieve the desired effect. With millions of brands vying for consumers, it is important to set yourself apart from the competition while clearly communicating your brand ethos, gaining and retaining consumers attention. By creating a memorable brand which is fixed in the forefront of consumers' mind raises numerous benefits in increased revenue and sales.

    December 31st 2018

    We don't know much about "trends" but these are the things we believe for 2019

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    31 Dec

    Digital Marketing

    The marketing trends for 2019? No, too cliché for Us.

    We could write an article about marketing trends for 2019, but all companies are writing about it and we do not want to be just one more. So, this article will take a look into some of the things we believe it will be striking in 2019 when it comes to marketing.

    We live in a world where technological progress is increasingly noticeable. Therefore, artificial intelligence will be one of the themes we believe that it will be recurrent in 2019.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no doubt among the most prominent new technologies crowding your emerging-tech radar screen. Still, in the early stages of development, their potential for transforming how companies improve the customer's online journey but also how they analyze data are a clear indication of the value they can add.

    Artificial intelligence marketing solutions offer ways to bridge the gap between data collection, study, and execution. AI Marketing is a process of analyzing customer data in order to predict the customer's next step and improve their experience with the company.

    This data analysis has been evolving over the years, enabling companies to build a clearer picture of their target audiences, funnels or conversions. With the right tools, marketers can increase campaign performance and ROI in a sustainable way. However, we are talking in a broad way. Let's talk about the essential marketing fundamentals of AI.

    Big Data

    For marketing organizations, big data is the fundamental consequence of the new marketing landscape, born from the digital world we now live in.

    The Big Data consists of the collection, segmentation and study of large datasets so that marketers can deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel, in order to offer the customer a good experience. Advantages of Big Data:

  • Customer engagement. Big data can deliver insight into not just who your customers are, but where they are, what they want, how they want to be contacted and when.
  • Customer retention and loyalty. Big data can help you discover what influences customer loyalty and what keeps them coming back again and again.
  • Marketing optimization/performance. With big data, you can determine the optimal marketing spend across multiple channels, as well as continuously optimize marketing programs through testing, measurement and analysis.
  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning platforms are useful in conjunction with big data. They can help identify common trends or occurrences and predict common responses and responses so marketers can understand the cause and likelihood of certain actions being repeated in order to act.

    84% of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 2018.

    75% of enterprises using AI and machine learning enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10%.

    3 in 4 organizations implementing AI and machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10% according to Capgemini.

    Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

    AI marketing has been gaining more attention among marketers because of the insights it provides. According to a recent PwC study, 72% viewed AI as a "business advantage". So in terms of advantages of AI:

    Smarter Searches

    As technology advances, everything becomes smarter, including the public that is likely to become more literate on the matter. Nowadays any question can be found the answer on Google. People find what they are looking for faster than ever. With AI and Big Data Solutions, it is possible to analyze these research patterns and identify the areas in which more effort should be concentrated to act and deliver what people are looking for.

    Smarter Ads - Programmatic Advertising

    With a new abundance of data available, online ads can become smarter and more effective. AI solutions can delve deeper into keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data to drive campaigns to the right places and make them successful. Thus, with artificial intelligence and big data combined, companies have two powerful tools in the fight against the market in order to be successful.


    Customer service is one area where AI will play a big role in the future. Chatbots already exist in several companies, but not all of them realize the advantages or the value that these can add to your company. This allows them to save time and expense with this tactic. AI bots have access to the full value of Internet data, information, and search histories, making them much more efficient than their human counterparts, and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


    It will be more and more common to hear about this topic. The chatbots seem to be here to stay and are a plus for any company that values ​​the proximity to the consumer and the care between their relationship. The way brands and consumers interact has revolutionized the appearance of the internet. The growth of social network has brought great challenges and also great advantages for brands, from the way they are to the need to learn new tools and applications, such as messaging apps and chatbots!

    More and more customers want to be served quickly and if that does not happen, it is likely that your customer will seek help from the competition. So in order to avoid this, a quick way to respond to all your 24/7 consumer issues is the Chatbots.

    Chatbots work as a personal assistant for your business. They are available 24/7 to respond quickly to the doubts posed by consumers, thus adding value to customer service.

    Through a study recently published in Business Insider, we can say that messaging applications - Messaging Apps - are already more representative than social networks in the daily lives of consumers, which alone shows the importance of their company to have a Chatbot.

    Although Chatbots are an added value to the company, it is necessary to be constantly updated, as it should be remembered that the aim should be to always offer the best possible customer and consumer experience and not to create a form of automated interaction that makes the communication between the two cold and uninteresting.

    As a way to maintain close and fast contact with the consumer, in addition to using the Chatbots mentioned above, it is the WhatsApp application.


    More and more companies are choosing to use WhatsApp. This application has many advantages, one of the main being: It has no costs.

    WhatsApp allows you to maintain direct contact with the consumer, in a faster and closer way than email marketing.

    Worldwide, there are 1.5 billion (yes, billions) of users, which means that your audience is in the midst of these billions. In addition to this large number, WhatsApp has an opening rate of 70%, which means your customer will probably open your message.

    This application differs from chatbots by several factors (in addition to the above). Allows to provide personalized service to the client. Any doubts that the customer has can be exposed and answered quickly and personalized, providing a good service and depending on the consumer experience, customer loyalty.

    Aside from doubts, it also lets you share relevant news and content from your company to the customer. News and content as promotions that your company is having in order to captivate the customer.

    Producing quality content marketing is a top priority for any entrepreneur working on digital platforms. One of the ways to do Whatsapp Marketing is to send links with landing pages informing your audience of the benefits they will have when clicking and what you can find on the page. The main goal is to get people to interact with your website in order to sign up or make a final purchase. All this "without spending 1 cent."

    Lastly, it is possible to perform Viral marketing without having to spend money on advertising or buying media space. By creating something viral that pleases your audience, people will automatically share it with their acquaintances. This form of viral marketing is the dream of any company and can be achieved in a freeway with this application.

    The idea is to create creative and impactful content and reach the widest possible audience quickly, through instant messaging. This theme automatically leads us to another theme we want to see in 2019.

    Content Video

    More and more we live in a society where the image is the most important. In Portugal there is a proverb: "An image is worth a thousand words". So what we want to see in 2019 is the creation of relevant content in digital format.

    In 2019 the video format came to stay, not only because 4 times more consumers prefer to watch a video than read a text but also because most of the tools it uses to communicate their digital content (Ex: Facebook and Instagram) boost the reach format video compared to others.

    Content is everything. You already know that you need to entice your audience: inspire them, provoke their thoughts, excite them or appeal to their emotions.

    However, it is not enough to create content, it is fundamental to create personalized, authentic, attractive and targeted content for each of your target audiences, in order to stand out and be successful

    Nowadays you need an entire strategy just for your vídeos. People watch countless hours of video every day on Social media. Facebook, Instagram or some other platform, these are some enormous opportunity to reach out your public.

    These are some of the themes we want to see in 2019. We believe that they are all fundamental to the success of any company and to create value themselves. All the topics mentioned above are services that Marq: s lends exceptionally. For any additional information, feel free to get in touch.

    December 18th 2018

    Supporting a creative project: Independent publication sold-out its latest issue

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    18 Dec

    Brand Strategy

    There are already a significant number of digital marketing agencies around to choose from. Although it might sound cliché, the whole point of creating Marq:s was to come up with something distinctive. All the individuals involved in the Marq:s project have been working within the digital marketing industry for at least ten years, across numerous projects in some capacity with different employers. Among our team, some of the achievements include:

    - Managing media relations for a young fashion designer who gained nationwide media coverage as well as winning the 2013 ACTE European Contest of Young Designers – Italy;

    - Customer acquisition which averaged 1000 new leads per month with 3% of those converting into customers after three months – online retailer (industry awarded project),

    - Increasing small retailer revenue by 19% (after six months) through PPC campaign – local search,

    - Increasing small retailer revenue by 12% (after three months) through organic content marketing strategy

    These are just some of the few things we have been up to for the past few year.

    At Marq:s we all know each other on a personal level which made things easier in terms of outlining the overall concept. Prior to creating this project we would frequently converse among ourselves the tasks and challenges we encountered at work. As time progressed we started noticing a pattern in terms of how we perceived things but also how they were being done. This also played a part on why we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a digital marketing agency.

    Our strapline: “Enhancing brands, enabling ideas”; summarises our intent as a solutions provider. We want to ensure that the brands/businesses and individuals we work with live up to their potential. The belief among us at Marq:s is that we are only able to achieve that if we build an authentic and committed relationship with our clients and prospects. Far too many times most of us have been in cases where the priority was to acquire the client/account and deliver the project/campaign (regardless). On those cases the research on the potential client and relation building – agency & client; is set mainly prior and during the pitch stage. With the project/campaign in motion it appears that is rather more common than we expected that some sort of distance between agency and client is established. Another aspect that came to our attention is that businesses/brand (not openly) deemed as “smaller accounts” are likely to be left in the agencies back burner.

    The focus here is not necessarily to criticize how some run their business. What we want to put across is that we are committed to a completely different approach in terms of our strategy as an agency. We are fortunate that although taking our first steps, we have clients in different countries – United Kingdom and Portugal. Each of these clients have very specific requirements and work in very distinct contexts. For each one of those and new ones we want to provide tailored solutions. The “one size fits all” approach is something we don’t want to subscribe to. Some of our team members are based in Portugal whereas others are in the United Kingdom. This gives us an outstanding opportunity to fully understand the context under which our clients operate. Not implying that you must be from your clients country. The fact that we are just works as an advantage for us. Besides this we are in regular contact with them and relay to them any new tool or possible opportunity from which they may benefit. Honestly we haven’t been put in a case where we had to “grade” one of our clients as a “smaller account”. Nevertheless the pledge we made internally is to not fall in that particular “pigeonhole’.

    This strategy is also the reason why we recently decided to support a project we also have been working on. Although we are starting as a company we agreed to support this project. The decision was made based on the fact that we all believe it has tremendous potential, but also because we can relate to what it stands for. We benefit by associating ourselves with what we see as an extremely good brand but also having the chance to be exposed to its audience. Its target audience comprises of young professionals, based in the major cities across the world that work and/or are very keen in the creative industry – design, fashion, photography, arts, etc.

    “Do not read success stories, you will get only message. Read failure stories, you will get the message coupled with ideas to get success” – Abdul Kalam.

    This quote coupled with a few others have greatly shaped and defined the ethos of VMM. The name VMM is an acronym for Voix Meets Mode. Voix and Mode are two French words with the first meaning voice and the latter Fashion. As a project VMM couldn’t be further away from “failure”. Actually the latest edition, Vol. 5 – Modern Muse; has sold out. It is the first time this happens and we are extremely proud of their feat. We consulted with them strategy wise so we would like to think we contributed towards it as well.

    As a brand we understand that we don’t have a smooth path in front of us. Many challenges are likely to come our way and not all will produce the expected outcome. The aim is to develop a unyielding brand able to grow consistently in a sustainable manner whilst adding value to every project we engage with. Supporting VMM is the right thing to do for us since it also shows our intent in doing the right thing. We saw an inspiring project with potential and we want to work with it from the ground up.

    “Inspiring creative minds”

    Vol.5 Modern Muse is already sold-out but you can check out more of their amazing work here.

    December 4th 2018

    Twitter Banter: Seizing opportunities with strategic digital communication

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    4 Dec

    Twitter Banter

    The popular microblogging site Twitter emerged in 2006, allowing users to create and post mini updates in real time comprising of up to 280 characters (before 2017 it was a mere 140!) as well as follow and reply to other users. In that time the social media platform which boosts 330 million+ users worldwide is used to debate an array of topics and issues. From the light to the (at times) dark side of Twitter, users express their views on social injustices, tv shows and movies to the everyday mundane. Through the accumulation over 6,000 tweets posted every second, you are sure to come across some comical exchanges. And the ones between rival businesses and customer service always prove to tickle a few funny bones.

    In November U.S rapper Kanye West posted a tweet proclaiming his love for the fast food giant McDonald’s. Win for Mackie D’s one would think, right?! Well…. Some quick-witted individual over at Burger King UK not only flipped a burger but also the script with the response “Explains a lot”, which many proclaimed won the internet that day. The world has bared witness to many of Mr West’s infamous rants, causing many to make assumptions that his outbursts are due to his overly inflated ego.

    With a tweet like that, who says a little bit of friendly banter between businesses is a bad thing? This exchange sure isn’t the only fast food chain Twitter bout to take place (Wendy’s mixtape anyone?).

    The fact that these companies can make light and take pops at each other on social media in a matter of seconds shows that it isn’t all bad blood. Even the customers aren’t safe from the wrath of the customer service Twitter ninjas. And in the end, the customers love it!!! Definitely a fun way for companies to gain followers through clever marketing strategy. It ends up being a win-win in terms of engagement but also brand exposure. Companies social media teams are always keen to jump into some public back and forth – specially if someone is being dragged relentlessly. NICE!!!!

    Implementing AI communications within your company’s social media platforms is not only a cost-effective approach but also a way of eliminating the hassle of repetitive, mundane tasks and can even aid in consumer retention. Being able to reply instantly to the most frequently asked questions gives consumers instant satisfaction and the perception of not having to wait for answers (they don’t know it’s not a human!).

    So whether its replying to posts on social media sites with a personal touch or using the assistance of AI to fill the gap of those (let’s be honest, annoying) FAQs, Marq:s are here to help you add value to your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch to find out more.

    November 26th 2018

    Black Friday: Is it synonymous of success for a business?

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    26 Nov

    Black Friday 2018

    Nowadays all businesses want to join Black Friday for several reasons. Many just want to join because it is fashionable while others just want because they see an opportunity to multiply their sales.

    But is Black Friday really beneficial for a business?

    Nowadays companies tend to value the number of sales they make. However, many forget that a sale does not mean a customer for life. More than ever, the sales process does not end only in product delivery. Digital after-sales follow-up is necessary in order to be close to the consumer and try to retain the same consumer. For Black Friday (for the most part) this does not happen, only sales are prioritized, not paying the proper attention to the consumer.

    At this time thousands of consumers are attracted to low prices, and this should be seen by companies as a "window of opportunity" to attract new and future customers of the brand. However, these same customers are an opportunity for other brands as well. So how can your company stand out from the competition?

    The solution is to invest in digital strategies.

    A recent study published by Bazaarvoice has shown that in-store shopping behavior is significantly influenced by online search. The report by The ROBO Economy showed that 82% of people who use smartphones search online for articles they are interested in before buying at the store and 45% read comments on the article and attendance at the store before making your purchase. That is, investing in a digital strategy nowadays is fundamental for businesses that want to stand out and stay competitive.

    So let's start from the beginning. It is not enough to just make some posters and publications on social media to indicate that your company will join Black Friday or another type of campaign. If your company wants to stand out, it is necessary to carry out a good campaign of promotion and communication with their consumers. It is necessary to know how to direct the campaign to your target audience, on the indicated platforms where it is located and measure the results of it so that in future campaigns, in case of mistakes, you can act based on data and not intuitions. Marq:s, based on its market experience and their professionals and creatives, is an expert in analyzing data in order to make the right decision for your company to benefit from whatever the campaign.

    However, nowadays sales are the only priority. A sale is not synonymous of a customer for life. Further actions are required to build customer loyalty. This process goes through a very simple phase, which is to provide the consumer with a good experience in the buying process. According to Giuliano Gonçalves, media coordinator of GhFly, the latter states that "It is not only related to price" it is necessary to provide a good service from the beginning of the purchase until its delivery and after a sale. This will add value to your business and the consumer will look for the brand outside of commemorative times.

    In order to keep a client loyal, it is necessary to understand who our client is, what his profile is, what he or she is looking for and to understand the appropriate channel to keep the company in contact with it. After all these issues are solved, it is critical to creating relevant content to get in touch with the consumer and "call him" close to us.

    We offer several solutions indicating the best for each type of business. Here are some examples of what we can offer in order to maintain close contact with the customer:

    Chatbots as a form of customer support

    All customers after a purchase like to feel accompanied. If there is a problem or a question, they usually come in contact with the company and the waiting time between the company's response to the customer is usually great. Nobody likes to wait. Therefore, Chatbots are a fundamental tool so that there is no pitfall between the company and the consumer. Chatbots are used to make the consumer appear to be talking to a person, when in fact he is talking to a program that will direct you to what the customer searches for through keywords.

    "You should send a message to a company the same way you send it to a friend. You should have a quick response and this should not require your full attention, as a phone call requires. And you should not have to install a new application. "Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

    E-mail Marketing

    Email marketing is the communication between a company and its consumers or potential customers via email.

    Thanks to the advancement of marketing automation tools, email marketing is the best way to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, 92% of adults online use email, thus being a great business window for any company as long as it is well used. It seems simple at first glance, but here are the advantages of email marketing.


    According to Radicati, by 2015 there were 2.5 billion e-mail users, and the trend is that this number will reach 2.9 billion by 2019. This number represents more than a third of the world's population!

    When a company publishes something on a social network not everyone who follows your page will see your publication. This is due to algorithms that determine which messages are most relevant to each user. In other words, you have no control over it. In email marketing, if you send 100 emails, these 100 emails will be received by the people, having a predictable reach.

    Flexible format

    Email is where you can include everything from small text to animated email. It is a blank canvas in which its usefulness is immense in order to be able to create several types of content.

    High financial return

    It is critical to choose a good email marketing tool. Email is the digital marketing channel that has the best financial return - It does not need to invest much initially (or nothing), and it has the potential to generate a large volume of revenue.

    These are just some of the advantages of email marketing. Within them can be sent from the creation of newsletters, promotional campaigns, and the most varied types of digital strategy.

    Target content

    Imagine that your company is going to make a promotional campaign for coffee machines. Imagine now that of all your customers, you know that half of them are coffee consumers or even have a store of their own. So what you can do is direct the campaign to that target audience by offering the needs they have and speaking "their language."

    Identify customers at risk of "parting ways" with the company

    There are several signs that indicate that a user may leave your company. This can be gauged by an analysis of data in the number of visits to the site, the number of complaints, little involvement in social media. These are all indicators that the customer is not happy with and warnings that we should pay attention to and act through a good digital strategy.

    So, as you can see, nowadays any company that wants to make a simple promotional campaign must take into account all the points touched upon. It is not enough just to put a publication on social media and wait for consumers. A solid digital strategy is needed to cover all needs. This is where Marq:s is able to act. With an experienced team to help with whatever business, we have the know-how and the tools necessary to drive any campaign, be able to win future consumers and keep them together with the current ones.

    Why not getting in touch with you to find out more?!

    November 6th 2018

    Web Summit in Lisbon - Signs of change

    Article Image
    6 Nov

    Web Summit 2018

    It is with delight that we receive the news that Web Summit renew its contract. It now will be staying for ten more years in Lisbon. As a digital marketing agency, we see this as great news. Some of us at Marq:s are based in Portugal. For us this a sign that things are changing for better in Portugal.

    We live in a world where the digital era is increasingly present in people's daily lives, both in personal life and in the professional world. According to a study conducted by Marktest together with IDC Portugal, they concluded that the Portuguese have tripled their presence in the use of social networks. However, the most relevant data here pertains directly to Portuguese companies and their presence on social platforms.

    Regarding this study, only 32.9% of the companies surveyed state that they are aware of the importance of being present in the digital world and have adopted the necessary solutions to be present in this field. However, they can be considered low numbers and according to regional director of IDC Portugal, Gabriel Coimbra, this states that "We are still really far from having most of the companies with social business solutions, thus showing some immaturity on the part of the companies facing the market European".

    The study also states that, 25.7% of the largest organizations in Portugal are aware of what the digital world is all about, but it has no solutions for this. They state that within 24 months they will adopt solutions on this issue. 31.4% say they know what it is but do not think they value their business, choosing not to adopt solutions in the present or in the future. 10% of the companies referring to this study stated that they were not familiar with the concept and therefore were not present in the digital world.

    According to IDC Portugal's regional director, the delay for the rest of the European market is due to "a still unsophisticated digital culture, both at the level of employees and at the customer level." It also says that it foresees a significant evolution in the digital presence of companies, but that Portugal will continue "behind the adoption levels in Western Europe".

    At present, most companies believe that it is enough to be present on Facebook to be present in the digital world, not even realizing the importance they can offer. Social networks are an indispensable communication tool for any company, be it large or small. These allow you to create close contact between the company and its customers. It serves fundamentally to win new customers, loyalty to the current ones, promotion of its services and increases sales. Social networks and their platforms offer an endless capability of tools were allied to a good digital strategy, will be the meaning of a successful company.

    Despite the fact that Portugal lags behind other companies at European level, it has a large margin of progression. Proof of the trust in this progression in Portugal is that Web Summit has moved to Portugal and will continue until 2028. More and more companies are interested in showing interest in the digital world due to its success in the rest of Europe.

    The integration of the same in any company in Portugal, nowadays, is a point of differentiation in front of the rest. It is also a way for her to gain notoriety. Digital already has evidence given around the world, thus being fundamental to the success of any company.

    This is where Marq:s solutions can help your business to thrive. With a highly experienced team working with clients based in London, Paris and Porto, our aim is to align your brand to the forefront of the Portuguese consumers mind accustomed to that of the rest of Europe. Our Digital Marketers will organise and present a tailored-made proposal, highlighting the key areas to form company-customer relationships, engage your target audience leading to conversions, thus resulting in future return on investment. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today to find out how we can boost your digital presence.