May 23rd 2019

Fortnite x Jordan: Can’t say we were expecting this...

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23 May

Epic Games, the US company behind the highly acclaimed online game - Fortnite; launched its latest update today - May 23rd. The US developer of electronic games has realized that collaborations with other high profile brands are something that generates enthusiasm around the game. This topic and others regarding its success are covered on one of our previous blogs.

Prior to this latest update, Fortnite had two other recent significant collaborations. In April Fortnite celebrated the premiere of the latest Marvel blockbuster - Avengers: Endgame; by making some of the movie characters 'skins' available in their game. More Fortnite players were able to use the movie character John Wick on the event in a series of 'John Wick Challenges'. All the 'skins' have to be purchased by the players.

Fortnite x John Wick

Today, Thursday 23, will be launched a limited time collaboration with the Air Jordan brand. It consists of locker room items, skateboards, and basketball accessories. The most coveted in this update is the Air Jordan 1 sneakers along with the Streetwear style. The Clutch and Grind accessories are now available for 1800V bucks and DropTown Drop mode are now available in the game menu. According to a note given in the blog posting of the game itself, all players will have the opportunity to complete free challenges in order to unlock upgrade accessories and additional rewards, as well as costume styles, balls, etc.

Jordan x Fortnite

This play of collaborations with brands or recent events are smart strategies programmed in advance to generate attention to the game. With the appearance of the game and its competitor Apex legends, these strategies are ways to stand out from your direct competitor.