April 2nd 2019

One of our clients was invited to become an Apple partner for local voice search service

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2 Apr

The rise of voice search

A few days ago, we were informed that one of our clients in the UK was invited to become an Apple partner. The invitation came from a third-party service provider specialising in local searches and are the sole Apple partner for voice search in the UK. The partnership is regarding focused towards voice search services provided by Apple, aka Siri. Our client was informed that they were a suitable candidate due to their recent SEO improvement. Not too many details of how it would work were given away, except that the voice search result will redirect users to a or the Bing page. Our client would then have a prominent position in regards to relevant queries in a specific area of the UK.

It has been indicated over the past few years that voice search technology/optimisation is the next big thing in the digital marketing world. Thus, providing companies with several reasons to adopt voice search strategies into their marketing agenda. In a nutshell, one can say that it is an emerging technology that will benefit your company, so in this article, we will explain how and why you should consider implementing it into your digital marketing strategy.

The technological evolution over the years continues be constant, making it crucial for companies to not allow themselves to be left behind as a consequence of non-progression. For companies to remain (and gain) a competitive edge while differentiating themselves from the rest, they must evolve and voice search is one growing trend not to be ignored.

Voice search technology has already begun to establish an impact on traditional search methods, demonstrating that it is here to stay.

Companies that want wishing to remain visible to consumers in the coming years will undoubtedly need to have to find ways of incorporating voice search technology into their digital marketing strategies. An advantage of adopting this strategy is the opportunity to offer consumers a unique, optimised experience that (if experienced positively) will result in keeping the customer engaged and maintaining their loyalty to the brand.

As previously mentioned, traditional search methods have been on the decline as voice search technology increases. This is could be due to voice search technology taking up less time than compared to traditional search methods resulting in more precise answers to questions, making it somewhat more intuitive.

Google Voice Search

Voice searches are usually done conducted through uttering/saying questions phrases or keywords. This The natural of this forces companies to study relevant keywords that reflect what potential customers might be doing when searching online.

Another way in which voice search technology will impact SEO is through the growing importance of local SEO because as many mobile search queries have local intent, such as locating a business close to you nearby.

Another advantage of voice search technology found in the results that the pages present when doing a voice search is the results of the pages put forth when conducting a search.

There is not a page with multiple results that you can choose but the question or search page that the device found most relevant As there is no page displayed with multiple results to choose from, the consumers' device will offer the most relevant suggestion found. This type of search result will mean companies will no longer be vying to be featured on the first results page but rather to be the main result for each search. As such, companies with voice strategies will be rewarded with increased web traffic As a result, companies using voice search technology strategies will be rewarded with increased web traffic.

When a voice assistant provides a response, it automatically gives the user the opportunity to open the site on which the response was obtained Take into consideration the device user has the option of visiting a site based on the voice search assistance response, you can see why there is a lot to play for. With this in mind, it is critical for companies to optimise their SEO with voice search technology strategies in order to generate more traffic to their website.

Voice search strategy is a growing trend, and is currently changing the way in which people approach SEO. Voice search technology/optimisation is also giving companies the opportunity to create an enhanced customer experience, differentiating themselves from the competition and brands that wish wishing to compete and to stay relevant will have to integrate into their digital marketing plan.

Here’s a list of voice search effects

1) The voice search and the AI

Many marketers, as well as digital marketing companies, plan to apply the power of artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to adapting to voice search. As you can read on our blog, the AIs came to stay (Chatbots are a good example of this). With AI, in addition to machine learning, companies can compile and analyze a huge amount of data to make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

2) Voice search and mobile optimization

More than 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and that’s why digital marketing agencies have emphasized the importance of adopting a mobile-friendly approach to digital marketing. Nowadays it is fundamental that the institutional site of each entity is adaptable to each device.

Mobile vs. Desktop Search

Voice searches happen mostly on mobile devices and given this factor companies need to optimize their site so that it adapts quickly to each device. According to a study conducted in the United States, almost 40% of consumers are less likely to buy from a company without a website optimized for mobile devices. In comparison, almost 70% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company with a mobile-optimized website.

3) Local Voice Search and SEO

Voice searches will be critical crucial for local businesses, meaning voice search technology/optimisation use will increase the importance and value of local SEO so that it is making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for near to them.

In the same study, it also states that more than 55% of consumers use voice search to find local businesses, restaurants, information, etc.

It is then derived to this factor that companies need to prioritize their local SEO, thus offering value to their company. With the combined benefits of local search and voice search, you can increase your store’s revenue or reach your goal of opening a new location.

3) Local Voice Search and SEO

4) Consumers own research and their relationship with digital marketing

Voice search technology is a tool more and more consumers are using in their every day to find new products/services. By companies ignoring the benefits of voice search technology, they are potentially losing opportunities and falling behind on a competitive level.

That’s why voice search technology will become a common service in a few years for digital marketing. Regardless of your type of business, voice search will be critical a crucial tool to your brands' presence online presence and will be offering immense value and the chance opportunity to reach your target audience.

For a business that wants desires to increase revenue and sales, voice search provides a smart way to do it so — it’s just a matter of taking adding? voice search optimisation to your digital marketing strategy.

After this, we can conclude on the importance and impact that voice research technology/optimisation will have on for companies. It is something that is growing and will continue to trend towards 2020 as well as AI.

If this blog post was of your interest and you would like advice and further information regarding digital marketing strategies, please contact us. We have the right professionals to drive your business forward.