December 4th 2018

Twitter Banter: Seizing opportunities with strategic digital communication

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4 Dec

Twitter Banter

The popular microblogging site Twitter emerged in 2006, allowing users to create and post mini updates in real time comprising of up to 280 characters (before 2017 it was a mere 140!) as well as follow and reply to other users. In that time the social media platform which boosts 330 million+ users worldwide is used to debate an array of topics and issues. From the light to the (at times) dark side of Twitter, users express their views on social injustices, tv shows and movies to the everyday mundane. Through the accumulation over 6,000 tweets posted every second, you are sure to come across some comical exchanges. And the ones between rival businesses and customer service always prove to tickle a few funny bones.

In November U.S rapper Kanye West posted a tweet proclaiming his love for the fast food giant McDonald’s. Win for Mackie D’s one would think, right?! Well…. Some quick-witted individual over at Burger King UK not only flipped a burger but also the script with the response “Explains a lot”, which many proclaimed won the internet that day. The world has bared witness to many of Mr West’s infamous rants, causing many to make assumptions that his outbursts are due to his overly inflated ego.

With a tweet like that, who says a little bit of friendly banter between businesses is a bad thing? This exchange sure isn’t the only fast food chain Twitter bout to take place (Wendy’s mixtape anyone?).

The fact that these companies can make light and take pops at each other on social media in a matter of seconds shows that it isn’t all bad blood. Even the customers aren’t safe from the wrath of the customer service Twitter ninjas. And in the end, the customers love it!!! Definitely a fun way for companies to gain followers through clever marketing strategy. It ends up being a win-win in terms of engagement but also brand exposure. Companies social media teams are always keen to jump into some public back and forth – specially if someone is being dragged relentlessly. NICE!!!!

Implementing AI communications within your company’s social media platforms is not only a cost-effective approach but also a way of eliminating the hassle of repetitive, mundane tasks and can even aid in consumer retention. Being able to reply instantly to the most frequently asked questions gives consumers instant satisfaction and the perception of not having to wait for answers (they don’t know it’s not a human!).

So whether its replying to posts on social media sites with a personal touch or using the assistance of AI to fill the gap of those (let’s be honest, annoying) FAQs, Marq:s are here to help you add value to your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch to find out more.