February 24th 2019

Don't 'Just Do It' we should also 'Dream Crazier'

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24 Feb

Nike's new advert 'Dream Crazier'

Nike shared earlier on today (Feb 24th) its latest advert through its Twitter account. Planned to premiere in the evening during the 91st Oscar awards it comes out on the 30th anniversary of the 'Just Do It' campaign. This powerful female empowerment 90sec ad is narrated by Serena Williams.

Featuring: gymnastic Simone Biles, track athlete Caster Semenya, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, NBA coach Becky Hammon, and many more. The all-female cast - first time ever for Nike ad; showcases their accomplishments but also the hardships they go through to (attempt) conquer their own space.

This advert as clearly been influenced by last year's campaign 'Until We All Win'. The ad delivers an assertive clear message with all different elements appearing to be perfectly aligned. The tone throughout the ad both sonically and visually demands the full attention of the viewer.

Nike Campaign

Some might think it is rather contradicting for a company like Nike just recently dealing with its own issues in terms of allegations of misconduct and gender discrimination. Nevertheless, Nike's CEO Mark Parker committed himself to address and work those same issues. Those issues therefore also expose the brand to be questioned when it comes to its own conduct.

The ad was produced by Nike's long partner advertising agency Weiden + Kennedy. Among many things, this agency presented the slogan 'Just Do It' in a meeting with Nike. From then on they have collaborated in a long list of marquee campaigns. This ad was directed by award-winning Kim Gehrig who is known for her bold work like the one with Sports England 'This Girl Can'.

At Marq:s there is a consensus among the group that this is a great advert. Furthermore, to see a global brand like Nike addressing (once again) female stereotypes in sports is extremely positive. Choosing the Oscars to premiere it is a perfect occasion. With the eyes of the world focused on this event, what better opportunity than this to highlight some of the recurrent issues women encounter. Hopefully, this is also an opportunity for other brands to join the conversation and all can start work (harder) towards the so necessary changes.