November 26th 2018

Black Friday: Is it synonymous of success for a business?

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26 Nov

Black Friday 2018

Nowadays all businesses want to join Black Friday for several reasons. Many just want to join because it is fashionable while others just want because they see an opportunity to multiply their sales.

But is Black Friday really beneficial for a business?

Nowadays companies tend to value the number of sales they make. However, many forget that a sale does not mean a customer for life. More than ever, the sales process does not end only in product delivery. Digital after-sales follow-up is necessary in order to be close to the consumer and try to retain the same consumer. For Black Friday (for the most part) this does not happen, only sales are prioritized, not paying the proper attention to the consumer.

At this time thousands of consumers are attracted to low prices, and this should be seen by companies as a "window of opportunity" to attract new and future customers of the brand. However, these same customers are an opportunity for other brands as well. So how can your company stand out from the competition?

The solution is to invest in digital strategies.

A recent study published by Bazaarvoice has shown that in-store shopping behavior is significantly influenced by online search. The report by The ROBO Economy showed that 82% of people who use smartphones search online for articles they are interested in before buying at the store and 45% read comments on the article and attendance at the store before making your purchase. That is, investing in a digital strategy nowadays is fundamental for businesses that want to stand out and stay competitive.

So let's start from the beginning. It is not enough to just make some posters and publications on social media to indicate that your company will join Black Friday or another type of campaign. If your company wants to stand out, it is necessary to carry out a good campaign of promotion and communication with their consumers. It is necessary to know how to direct the campaign to your target audience, on the indicated platforms where it is located and measure the results of it so that in future campaigns, in case of mistakes, you can act based on data and not intuitions. Marq:s, based on its market experience and their professionals and creatives, is an expert in analyzing data in order to make the right decision for your company to benefit from whatever the campaign.

However, nowadays sales are the only priority. A sale is not synonymous of a customer for life. Further actions are required to build customer loyalty. This process goes through a very simple phase, which is to provide the consumer with a good experience in the buying process. According to Giuliano Gonçalves, media coordinator of GhFly, the latter states that "It is not only related to price" it is necessary to provide a good service from the beginning of the purchase until its delivery and after a sale. This will add value to your business and the consumer will look for the brand outside of commemorative times.

In order to keep a client loyal, it is necessary to understand who our client is, what his profile is, what he or she is looking for and to understand the appropriate channel to keep the company in contact with it. After all these issues are solved, it is critical to creating relevant content to get in touch with the consumer and "call him" close to us.

We offer several solutions indicating the best for each type of business. Here are some examples of what we can offer in order to maintain close contact with the customer:

Chatbots as a form of customer support

All customers after a purchase like to feel accompanied. If there is a problem or a question, they usually come in contact with the company and the waiting time between the company's response to the customer is usually great. Nobody likes to wait. Therefore, Chatbots are a fundamental tool so that there is no pitfall between the company and the consumer. Chatbots are used to make the consumer appear to be talking to a person, when in fact he is talking to a program that will direct you to what the customer searches for through keywords.

"You should send a message to a company the same way you send it to a friend. You should have a quick response and this should not require your full attention, as a phone call requires. And you should not have to install a new application. "Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the communication between a company and its consumers or potential customers via email.

Thanks to the advancement of marketing automation tools, email marketing is the best way to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, 92% of adults online use email, thus being a great business window for any company as long as it is well used. It seems simple at first glance, but here are the advantages of email marketing.


According to Radicati, by 2015 there were 2.5 billion e-mail users, and the trend is that this number will reach 2.9 billion by 2019. This number represents more than a third of the world's population!

When a company publishes something on a social network not everyone who follows your page will see your publication. This is due to algorithms that determine which messages are most relevant to each user. In other words, you have no control over it. In email marketing, if you send 100 emails, these 100 emails will be received by the people, having a predictable reach.

Flexible format

Email is where you can include everything from small text to animated email. It is a blank canvas in which its usefulness is immense in order to be able to create several types of content.

High financial return

It is critical to choose a good email marketing tool. Email is the digital marketing channel that has the best financial return - It does not need to invest much initially (or nothing), and it has the potential to generate a large volume of revenue.

These are just some of the advantages of email marketing. Within them can be sent from the creation of newsletters, promotional campaigns, and the most varied types of digital strategy.

Target content

Imagine that your company is going to make a promotional campaign for coffee machines. Imagine now that of all your customers, you know that half of them are coffee consumers or even have a store of their own. So what you can do is direct the campaign to that target audience by offering the needs they have and speaking "their language."

Identify customers at risk of "parting ways" with the company

There are several signs that indicate that a user may leave your company. This can be gauged by an analysis of data in the number of visits to the site, the number of complaints, little involvement in social media. These are all indicators that the customer is not happy with and warnings that we should pay attention to and act through a good digital strategy.

So, as you can see, nowadays any company that wants to make a simple promotional campaign must take into account all the points touched upon. It is not enough just to put a publication on social media and wait for consumers. A solid digital strategy is needed to cover all needs. This is where Marq:s is able to act. With an experienced team to help with whatever business, we have the know-how and the tools necessary to drive any campaign, be able to win future consumers and keep them together with the current ones.

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